Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tennessee 16 Alabama 13

I watched this game with my Dad. It pains me to write that title. But I am not pained at all in comparison to Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson and the rest of the Crimson Tide. Bear Bryant once played in this game with a broken leg. This Tide team didn't do that, but they endured some punishment. What an effort! The Tide went up against perhaps the best team in the SEC in front of 108,000 hostile fans. They led or were tied for 57 out of the 60 minutes. Unfortunately they came up short. This team is only a few steps away from greatness, which has cost them three wins: Arkansas, Florida, and now the Vols.

I have no complaints about the effort made by the players. Defensive coordinator Joe Kines had a masterful plan. Shula made a few good calls on offense. But my main complaint is with Shula, or whoever is responsible for the offensive play calling. We continue to have way too many runs up the middle with a finesse back in Darby. And as I said at the time, they should have gone for the touchdown when it was fourth and goal from the two. The four additional points they could have scored would have kept them in the game.

Understand, though, my complaints are nitpicking. This program is headed in the right direction and I truly believe great things are to come in the near future.


Blogger Tom said...

I don't believe you or most other Bama fans are nitpicking. Shula's calls Saturday are part of a pattern. Do you realize in SEC games in regulation this year the offense has averaged 11 pts/game. With ot added it is not much better, 13/gm. Shula needs to either totally delegate the offense to Rader or he needs to go hire someone else and let him have complete control. He needs to delegate. He does it with the defense. 13 pts/game won't get it.

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