Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Saturday 8/19/06 Scrimmage

Saturday I drove the boys to Tuscaloosa where we watched Alabama scrimmage. This was the second of two scrimmges open to the public for the Crimson Tide this fall. We took a little time to walk across campus and looked around in the Supe Store at Ferguson Center to stay cool indoors. Joe bought a uniform set, Matt bought an educational CD for the computer, and David bought a book about the Stallings era. I also bought a few gifts for David's birthday. Walking across the quad we saw Van Tiffin, ex Bama star kicker and father of Alabama's new kicker Leigh Tiffin.

We really enjoyed seeing the new exterior and surrounding promenade on the north end of Bryant Denny Stadium. This summer we saw Michigan's stadium and campus, and Alabama puts them to shame.

I saw two people I know. I met Gary, the son of someone I work with who gave me some ideas about how the boys could get autographs. I also talked to Craig, who is the pastor of Chi Alpha Campus Ministry at UA. We talked for a half hour or so at half time about Chi Alpha's events during the fall semester.

The practice was fun to watch. Standouts included John Parker Wilson at QB and freshman kick returner Javier Arenas. It was fun for me to watch the progress of freshman place kicker Leigh Tiffin, son of Van Tiffin who was a star kicker for Alabama in the mid 1980's.


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