Friday, December 08, 2006

So much for coach Rod....

Breaking news...

Mal Moore has confirmed that Rodriguez is staying at WV.

As Finebaum has stated, Alabama is shooting blanks.

Has it come to this, we are just good for one thing: being used by coaches of other schools to increase their salaries?

Mal Moore must have violated every rule in the book about how to hire a college football coach.

And half of the media in Alabama are a total joke. Even now, after the fact, my radio is telling me that Alabama and Rodriguez have cut a deal. What a bunch of embarassing reporting, inept leadership, and disappointment of mammoth proportions for Alabama fans who deserved so much moore!


Blogger Sharp said...

You're right. the press hasn't had a consistent story on this yet. The media within Alabama has been worst since yesterday. The AP NEVER said it was a done deal nor did they ever say there was an "agreement in principal." The local papers and TV stations obviousl talekd to soem good old boys in T-town who had heard second-hand reports and they BLEW it big time. Now we know that no one is hired until he's giving a press conference saying he is. Even then...

5:00 PM  
Blogger Mike Wilhelm said...

Even could be like the Georgia coach that was "hired" before Jim Donnen who had a press conference and backed out two days later. On the other hand, I have heard that Vince Lombardi was the Packers' seventh choice! Maybe Mal won't panic!

As far as the press, the two biggest losers in this crimson soap opera have been The Huntsville Times and Birmingham News. They were completely wrong about the firing of Shula and the "hiring" of Rodriguez.

Finebaum, on the other hand, has had the right approach. When he appeared on the WBRC 6 morning news at 6 Friday morning almost everyone was talking about the "hiring" of Coach Rod. He said that he would believe it when he saw him at a press conference with Mal Moore wearing an Alabama hat.

Maybe we should take it a step further and believe it when we see our new coach on the sidelines!

9:42 AM  
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